Naruto Slugfest Redeem Codes

Are you searching Naruto Slugfest Redeem Codes you have come to the right place, Naruto Slugfest is a massively multiplayer online free-to-play role-playing game developed by Noodlecake Studios. The game will take you back to the world of Naruto, with battles, missions and more. You need to choose your characters to complete certain missions.

Do not forget that each character has different skills and abilities so think about it carefully before picking up a character for him or her. You will also earn experience points after each mission and every level beat down made by the character. The experience enhances your overall skills and helps you proceed further in the game.

Naruto Slugfest Codes 2022

Naruto Slugfest Redeem Codes December 2022

We have New Naruto Slugfest Redeem Codes which you can redeem in this game to claim rewards. We have tested all the Naruto Online codes to ensure they work; however, it is important to remember that some codes expire over time. Therefore, we recommend that you redeem them as soon as possible.

Naruto Slugfest Cheat Codes December 2022

latest list of Naruto Slugfest Cheats For Mobile and Pc

Here is the latest list of Naruto Slugfest hack Codes.

16d3b66da4b875a0c9561ca9bea4e5a8         Use this Naruto Slugfest Redeem code and get free summon vouchers and in game currencies.

db50aa60af1fc4aa9b5101da01d8c882          Use this Naruto Slugfest  x cdk and get a free chakra booster.

7fc77c08d2bbb97304d9454311442420        Use this Naruto Slugfest konoha Secret order and gets summon vouchers and in-game currencies.

We do not create the codes ourselves; however, we provide a list of all available codes so that you can update your website.

Expired Codes Of Naruto Slugfest

If you wish to redeem these Naruto Slugfest codes, they will no longer work as they have expired.

b2c47e1b620c44bbb6f0a643f33eadde: Use this Naruto Slugfest Cd Key Codes get 900 voucher recruit advance in the game.

ded1f6c20b48412caf91a974b4638b9b: Use this Naruto Slugfest gift codes and get 999 voucher recruit advance in the game.

How to Redeem the Naruto Slugfest Codes?

You must carry out the actions listed below in order to redeem the Naruto Slugfest Redeem Codes:

How to Redeem the Naruto Slugfest Codes For Gameplay

  • Open the game and choose a character class that has already been established.
  • Tap the Rewards button after that.
  • then select “Redeem Code” from the menu.
  • To receive your reward, enter the code in the text box and click the OK button.

How to get more Naruto Slugfest Cheat Codes?

This game is released by developers on a number of social channels, including Naruto Slugfest Facebook, Naruto Slugfest Twitter and Naruto Slugfest Instagram. You can also follow us on these channels to be notified when new codes are released. We publish Naruto online activation codes 2022 for this game as soon as they are available, so please return to this page another day to get the latest codes and also to check you have not missed any.

Naruto Slugfest Guide and Tips for Beginners

Naruto Slugfest Guide and Tips for Beginners

Find and Prepare Partners to Raise CP

The main Naruto Slugfest character can have two partners equipped at a time. All of the partner characters have unique Ninjutsu skills, such as Tsunade’s ability to dispel debuffs and heal allies with passive skills. You can use their active skill by tapping their icons. However, you must first equip them before they can be used.

Tap the shuriken button below the mini-map to open the menu. On that menu, tap Partner > Recruit. There are two gacha options: Normal and Advanced. The Normal option gives you B grade characters, while Advanced/Fine gives you A, S and SS grade characters. The CP you get from a character’s grade depends on how many grades it has.

Equip Superior Ninja Tools

To open the menu, tap on the shuriken. Then, tap “Forging” to acquire an enhance charm that can increase a character’s Combat Points (CP). This item can be obtained from daily tasks, premium shops, trade, love shops, and treasure maps. You’ll need to equip the best gears you have acquired from trials or quests in order to get the most out of your character.

Complete Daily Tasks to Level Up Quickly

Leveling up in Naruto Slugfest tips are done by completing certain missions or dailies. Tap the mission button on the top-menu and select Daily Task, Ninja Duel, Advanced Mission, Ninja Trial and Clan Mission. All of these missions will increase your experience points and quickly level you up.

Take Advantage of Naruto Slugfest’s Freebies.

Players are rewarded for playing the game. They can earn x5 daily rewards by clicking the rewards button at the top-center of the screen, as well as treasures and other items. Signing in every day allows players to receive free rewards as well. Events, such as battles or special missions, provide additional opportunities for players to earn extra rewards.


In this article contains the complete list of Naruto Slugfest Redeem Codes 2022 for gameplay. We have published Naruto Slugfest Tips and guide as part of our effort to help you in improving your gameplay. If there are any questions regarding these Naruto Slugfest Cheats or having any difficulty in redeeming these codes, please comment down. We will respond to your queries.

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