Figure Fantasy Tier List

The Figure Fantasy Tier List is the definitive source for who’s the best in your favorite fantasy mobile game. It’s based on years of experience, professional reviews, and tens of thousands of hours of data and playtime across numerous different characters from multiple games. With that said, this tier list is not meant to be taken as a final answer by anyone – it’s simply a starting point for deeper analysis and research.

Figure Fantasy Tier List For Online Mobile and Pc Gameplay

Figure Fantasy Tier List 2022

The Figure Fantasy tier list is a complete guide to all the best characters in Figure Fantasy. It is organized into several tiers, each with its own rating system. It will help you easily find the strongest figures, and understand how they rank against each other.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned collector, this Figure Fantasy character tier list will be sure to help you find the perfect character for your needs and help you become a better and more professional gamer.

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide

In Figure Fantasy rerolling is a simple process. Note that only Android-powered smartphones can use this.

  • Use a guest account to log in your device.
  • Keep closed the opening chapter.
  • Pull the x10 times.
  • Restart the app.
  • Navigate to Figure Fantasy > Settings > Storage.
  • Then click “Clear cache” and “Clear data.”
  • Re-login to the game and continue gameplay.

When you pass 3-24, you can actually roll again. But the time required to complete it simply isn’t worth it.

Only one Ultra can be drawn at most. Additionally, although it has not been confirmed, it appears that the first draw can only yield the following Ultra figurines:



Zhao Yun



Midori is the one figurine in this collection that you should truly avoid pulling.

Rerolling in idle games is not particularly advantageous because you need dupes to upgrade them anyhow. The fact that you can only draw from a small pool reduces the necessity for it as well. TL;DR: If your first pull isn’t great, don’t worry about it.

Figure Fantasy Best Starter Team

Yuki and Ume Mizuno are a very potent early combination. You must first unlock Yuki’s passive because that is what makes them so powerful. Additionally, because they are both “Super” figurines, they will ultimately lose strength, but for the very first chapters, they’re excellent.

A good starting lineup would look like this:


Kazue Iwata

Ume Mizuno


Alfred / Suzumi / Gweneira / Sapphire

Figure Fantasy Tier List (New)

The Figure Fantasy tier list is our ranking of the strongest and weakest characters in the game. While you can only use 6 characters at once, it’s a good idea to spread your Vanguard points around as much as possible so you can get the most out of every battle.

Figure Fantasy Tier List Global gameplay

To help you pick the best characters for your team, we’ve put together this Figure Fantasy tier list for every character. If you want to own the strongest and coolest characters in the game, then this guide will prove invaluable.

Consult this Figure Fantasy tier list global to learn where your present figures rank if you want to enhance your collection and add the greatest figurines.

Figure Fantasy Vanguard Tier List

SS Yoko Kasumi, Yuina Mizuki

S Kuroko Shirai, Yamazaki, Alfred

A Dolores, Zhao Yun, Suzumi, Yuna, Ultraman Tiga, Dead Master

B Mizusaki, Midori

C Midnight Cat

D Grumpy Bear, Chainsaw Bear, Plain Milk

Figure Fantasy Defender Tier List

SS Ayane Okada, Astaroth, Megan, Khrusos, Izumi

S Hyun Cha, Yamazaki, Alfred

A Ricco, Vasily, Sanada Yukimura, Sapphire

B Yuki (top tier in the early game), Gweneira

C Daylight Cat

D Pineapple Bear

Figure Fantasy Militarist Tier List

SS Hatsune Miku, Kamille, Lu Bu, Mikoto Misaka

S Zarola, Vazorwyn, Crocell

A Ophelia, Rie, Ryoma Kurata, Kris, Minakami, Karan

B Hiroshi

C Lemon Tea

D Punk Kid

Figure Fantasy Specialist Tier List

SS Cao Cao, Ihrendts Ember, Vivian

S Xantha Kaine, Harriet, Sani, Empress [Black Rock Shooter]

A Irina, Akechi Mitsuhide, Osuke Okada, Kazue Iwata

B Evita

C Kaki

D Coffee Milk, Mecha Chariot

Figure Fantasy Helper Tier List

SS Zhuge Liang, Zephyr, Eikzia

S Zhou Yu

A Sakura, Mako, Ume Mizuno

B Aoi

C  Nil

D Naughty Bunny, Mecha Bunny, Hip-hop kid


What is the Figure Fantasy tier list?

The top characters for your collection are ranked according to their rarity and usefulness in the Figure Fantasy jp tier list.

What is the purpose of the Figure Fantasy character tier list?

The goal of the Figure Fantasy tier list rimuru is to guide you in making the greatest figure selections for your collection while also saving you time and energy by conducting the necessary research.

How often is the Figure Fantasy tier list updated?

As new figures are released and rankings shift, the Figure Fantasy tier list kami game is updated on a regular basis.

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