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Are you searching Call Of Antia Codes you have come at the right place. Call of Antia New Codes are used to get free rewards and gift packs in the game. Call of Antia redeem Codes is only available for a limited time – and a limited number of players. You will be the first to use these codes in the game, collect your free goodies and have fun.

Call Of Antia Codes For Free Online Gameplay

Call Of Antia is a new adventure game developed by 6waves and available on the Google Play Store that you will enjoy.

Call Of Antia Codes 2022

Here is a list of Call Of Antia New Codes for free in-game goodies.

LoveRoyalGuard:          Redeem this Call Of Antia gift codes for free rewards in the game.

FireOfNaya:                  Redeem this Call Of Antia coupon code get free rewards in the game.

Chattingdale:               Redeem this Call Of Antia  Redeem Codes for free rewards.

ForYouCommander:    Redeem this Call Of Antia Cheat Codes get exclusive rewards in the game.

TreasureHunters:         Redeem this Call Of Antia Promo Codes for free rewards in the game.

BlackFriday2022:         Redeem this Call Of Antia Codes for Heroes get free rewards as like Coins and Gems.

RoyalFriday:                 Redeem this Call Of Antia Cheats get free rewards in the game.

IsabrotForTheWin:      Redeem this Call Of Antia Codes 2022 for free rewards in the game.

You can use real money to purchase premium items in the game. Real money is required to access in-app purchase products. Call of Antia Codes; on the other hand, are utilized to purchase premium items without having to pay real money.

How to Redeem Call Of Antia Cheat Codes?

These are six steps to Redeem Call Of Antia  Codes for heroes are Given below.

  • 1: First, go to your device’s app store and download Call Of Antia.
  • 2: From the drop-down menu, choose “Profile/Information.”
  • 3: Select the gift code from the drop-down menu to use it.
  • 4: Use the gift code we provided to fill in the spaces.
  • 5: Finally, click the collect button to get your freebies.
  • 6: Take advantage of the freebies in your game.

Call Of Antia features

Call Of Antia New Features For Free Gameplay

Match-3 Gameplay that is exhilarating:

Battles that is both tactical and interesting. A journey full of challenges and victories

Create Your Shire:

Build a stronghold for your kingdom, train mighty forces, and rise to the position of true ruler.

A Work of Art:

Follow the adventure to see incredible sites, meet legendary personalities from various groups, and learn about odd legends.

Numerous Occasions:

There are numerous events where you can get free goods. You can participate in multiple events at the same time. Find allies and participate in important events.

Communication around the globe:

Join an alliance to compete for incredible rewards against millions of other gamers across the world.

Online Combat:

Alliance Wars, 1v1 battles, and Fallen Titans are some of the possible battle options. Fight for glory with your friends in real-life combat.

Exciting Adventure:

You’ll be up against a variety of opponents, each with their own personality. He was a cunning goblin with a vast treasure bag, a two-headed epic ogryn, assassins, and even the headless horseman himself.

Dragons from the past:

Dragons are your most powerful allies in defeating all your enemies. Legendary dragons can be unearthed, and they will reveal Antia’s universe’s secrets.

Heroes of Legend:

Collect over 50 fascinating characters, level them up, and upgrade their skills. Use a variety of strategies and your most powerful heroes to combat the darkness.

Call of Antia Gameplay

Call Of Antia Gameplay For Mobile

Call of Antia is an RPG where you can collect, train, and level up a team of heroes to battle fierce foes in the world. It combines a fun match-three game with RPG elements such as leveling up and equipping items that give your character unique abilities. With 56 heroic characters to collect, there’s plenty of depth in this turn-based strategy role-playing game dedicated to giving you the opportunity to fight against over 100 fearsome bosses.


All Call of Antia codes will be available shortly; including witch gems codes, Call Of Antia redemption codes, and more. On this website, we are continually updating Call of Antia New Codes. You’ll come to every day to check for fresh game gift codes and upcoming game codes, which we’ll provide here for free prizes.


Where Can I Redeem Call Of Antia Gift Codes?

Friends, you’ll enter these codes in the game’s redeem code section to acquire your free in-game goods like free diamonds and other wonderful in-game awards.

What is the best way to receive new Call Of Antia codes?

Gift codes are distributed by Call of Antia via its official Call Of Antia Facebook, Call Of Antia Instagram, Call Of Antia Twitter, Call Of Antia Reddit, and Call Of Antia Discord accounts. For important occasions such as game anniversaries, re-births, game followers, and other game-related events, the producer usually releases codes. Visit every day for a fresh code for the Call Of Antia game to get your free goodies. Free money, free diamonds, and other wonderful in-game gifts and pack incentives are just a few examples.

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